Occupational Fields

As a comprehensive B2B sourcing platform for technical business supplies we are your gateway to the exciting world of technology retailing. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities at our head office in Hirschau (Bavaria, Germany), at our subsidiaries both at home and abroad, and at our retail outlets. To give you a glimpse of what’s on offer, we’ve asked our company departments to briefly introduce themselves.

Marketing – „Going Where Our Customers Go.“

The marketing team makes the Conrad brand a tangible experience for everyone. This includes business customers, B2C customers and anyone working at our company. Based on a well-thought-out strategy and an innovative marketing mix, we use all appropriate communication channels to get our messages across, covering both traditional printed media and state-of-the-art web playouts. Specific KPIs and keeping an eye on the customer journey of our target audiences help us achieve our main goal, namely providing our customer with information that really matters to them.

Public Relations – „Authenticity and Good Storytelling.“

The PR team is the main hub for finding and dispersing the latest news and trending topics - whether it’s TV, radio, print media or online content. We organise press conferences and write traditional product and company-related press releases, focussing exclusively on what our customers really want to know. We also give permission to film, arrange for interviews, compile technical content and respond to requests by the public. We work hand-in-hand with our Social Media team, looking into topics that make for really creative posts.