Level of entry

Positions at Conrad suit a variety of job experience levels. Each comes with a development plan tailored to you. Right from the start, our friendly and supportive work environment makes building a company-wide network of contacts easy, helping you capitalise on your career opportunities. See for yourself!

Work placements and summer jobs

Summer jobs, compulsory or voluntary work placements? We give you plenty of opportunities to get your first stint of work experience. More details about Conrad work placements are available here.


A business wholesales assistant talking shop with product managers. An IT specialist who’s been keeping our systems up and running since his early training days. A management assistant at Conrad Logistics who makes sure that all items reach their correct destination at precisely the right time.
Tedious days? Boring tasks? No responsibilities? NOT AROUND HERE! Because we know that our apprentices are actively contributing to the success of our company.

Bachelor Degree (Dual Higher Education)

Dual Higher Education at Conrad – your gateway to a successful career. Are you an undergraduate in your final year, passionate about innovative technology and eager to expand your knowledge? Collaborating with Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), we offer a dual higher education program designed to get your professional career off the ground.

Degree opportunities (Dual Higher Education):

- BBA Retail (DHBW Heidenheim)

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- Online Media (DHBW Mosbach)

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Become a Working Student

We are giving you a wide range of opportunities to apply your knowledge within a business environment, and to find out more about our company as a potential employer. Being a working student at Conrad means gaining relevant work experience alongside your studies, building valuable contacts among co-workers and supervisors, and earning money in the process. Choose from a variety of flexible options, contribute to exciting projects right away, and be one of the team.

Undergraduate work placements

Work placements provide you with an excellent opportunity to “road-test” us as a potential employer. See for yourself what it means to be part of the team, and how working for us feels like.
These placements enable you to hone your strengths and put your knowledge into practice. As a peer team member you’ll be involved into our day-to-day operations right from the start, familiarise yourself with our business structures and procedures, and gain firsthand experience of what being part of our company is all about.

Bachelor Thesis

About to finish your degree, looking for a place to complete a practice-based thesis? Join us and set yourself up for a successful professional career.

Entry-level candidates

Do you want to put the skills and knowledge gained at university or during your vocational training to good use? Eager to put your ideas into action? Want to learn from the best, work on exciting projects and take on responsibility right from the start? We help you develop a rewarding career in your chosen field – also as a trainee if you like. Whichever you choose, joining us means being assigned to a whole variety of really interesting tasks.

Experienced professionals

Do you already have considerable professional experience in your area of expertise? Is taking on responsibility and making things happen your second nature? If so, our company offers an exciting and highly dynamic working environment that allows you to be creative and fulfil your potential. Yes, we ask for a lot. But we also support you in every aspect. Regular development meetings help us choose the next step in your successful career at our company.

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